Ban private sales of fireworks and limit organised displays to November 5th only

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Every year fireworks cause distress and suffering to wildlife, domestic pets and even members of the public (i.e. the elderly). Even well organised displays are held over several days around November 5th rather than just on the night itself. 

Every year fireworks are sold publicly to anyone over the age of 18 without the need for a permit or licence and every year there are accidents caused by irresponsible handling and lack of safety knowledge. After all, fireworks are basically dangerous explosive devices which in the wrong hands could cause injury or even death.

Every year fireworks cause distress and suffering to wildlife and domestic pets including dogs, cats, horses, hedgehogs, foxes etc. Hedgehogs and other wildlife find a safe haven in bonfires not yet lit, and unchecked before lighting, causing injury and death to this endangered species. The stress caused to dogs and cats particularly around this time can affect them for life.

I am calling for a ban on sales of fireworks to the public and a limit to displays being held only on 5th November, to reduce the physical and emotional torture caused to our wildlife and pets every year at this time, though a complete ban would be the best outcome possible.