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UK Government: Ban Owen Paterson from using imaginary friends as scientific advisers.


It has become a worrying factor that since taking the role as 'Environment secretary' Owen Paterson has taken a stance on 'bovine TB' which he claims to be science based and backed by scientists yet refuses to name an independent scientist that agrees.

Owen Paterson has repeatedly refused to name a single independent scientist that supports his badger culling policy, this leaves many to believe that he must be receiving scientific advice from imaginary friends.

Over 30 of the country's top animal disease scientists have written an open letter to the government describing the cull as a "costly distraction" that risks making the problem of tuberculosis in cattle worse and that will cost far more than it saves.

We believe that Owen Paterson using imaginary friends as scientific advisers may lead to costly and ill-judged decisions being made.

If we are in anyway mistaken that Mr Paterson has imaginary scientific advisers we will happily remove this petition one Mr Paterson names a single independent scientist that supports the cull.

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