Let Domestic Violence victim have a say in child custody matter,uk rather child's right'

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'Child has right to see both parents' sounds good.But when the same children at young age are manipulated by perpetrators of domestic violence, it revictimizes victims, mostly mum's at family courts. Also, another benefit of it is taken by CAFCASS, social services reports, makes it worse for victims.

This is for those people (male or female) who wants a 'right to live peacefully and without fear' after spent years with DV. With continued child contact they find it difficult to move on with their lives due to cultural issues, specially where sexual assault/marital rape was involved as no one will easily accept them with above 2 points. Already, in such cases victims lose justice in CPS court mostly,revictimize at family court due to child's right to contact, their needs after suffering DV is ignored, they lose connection with family due to international status and trapped in Uk with prohibited steps order until the permission is not given by preparator.

The perpetrator seems to be behaving very positively in front of courts and other professionals which makes victims seems foolish.............when they raise their voice against injustice in family court they are seen as rebelions. And thus loose their children.

''Child has the right to see both the parents'' law is making DV victims at a much higher rate. This is a support given to perpetrators of DV, because when perpetrator knows that they get to see the children however they victimize the other parent. They won't stop. Infact they take advantage of this circumstance and keep finding new ways to harass victims. Family courts must STOP  encouraging DV perpetrators in everyway rather than giving excuse for ' the best interest of the child' or 'Domestic violence occurred is not up to that serious level'. 'Domestic violence is domestic violence' and it shatters lives.  


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