Allow fathers into scans and appointments of their unborn children

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We all understand the impact COVID-19/the coronavirus has had on buisnesses, hospitals,care homes and people. 

Day by day more buisnesses,shops,parks and many more places are opening. All non essential shops are now open.


BUT WHY are the rights of pregnant women and expectant fathers being pushed to the side and not being spoken about? WHY is it fair that the likes of primark and McDonald’s are being opened up but my partner can’t attend important appointments about his unborn child? WHY is it that pregnant women are having to go to these appointments alone. Women are having to find out their child has passed away- alone without the support of family around them. 

Why is it deemed more safe for us and our partners to stand in a crowded non essential shop with strangers yet we can’t sit in a room, viewing our unborn child together whilst wearing PPE, knowing full well that neither of us are symptomatic.

Men are missing out on one of the most important things they’ll have to go through. They’re being isolated from their own child. Women are having to find out tragic news alone. This isn’t fair and it needs to change.