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Awareness Support Research and Education of Postnatal Depression

1 in 7 women suffer from Postnatal Depression as the figures get higher. This illness not only effects the woman, but also the family. It can cause families to break up, which has a big impact on the children. Men are also known to have depression after the partner gets better. Stigma of mental health is hard, but when having a child it makes it even harder to come forward. Also families are afraid due to the social services getting involved, which should also be highlighted.

Letter to
UK. Governement
Ogmore MP Huw Irranca Davies
Shawdow minister of Health Andrew Burnham
and 1 other
Minister of Health Rt hon Jeremy Hunt
Due to the situation of the raising percentage of families effected by Postnatal Depression, we feel that more Awareness Support, Edcation and Research needs to be done. Families are breaking up due to this illness and the knock on effect is sometimes even worse. All walks of life are effected from Youth to People in the armed forces and from all backgrounds.. People are not coming forward quicker due stigma of mental health and social services getting involved. Children and families are breaking up, and more councelling and support group are needed.

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