safer foreign lorry drivers in our country

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Last week I was in a major car accident on the M25 after a foreign lorry driver was not paying due car and attetion on the road and just pulled into my lane which sent my car sent into a spin sending us across the M25 crashing into a crash barrier and back into oncoming traffic it was pure luck that myself and my daughter walked away alive. I believe that ALL drivers who have not passed in the uk to take tests to make sure they are safe to be on our roads as well as their lorries having the correct saftey extras on their lorry that our uk ones do to protect all road users. They should all be tested to drive on our roads to make sure they know our laws and regulations the amount of lorry drivers I've seen on their phone is unacceptable and putting so many lives at risk. The UK goverment need to put things in place to protect all on the roads of this country. Please join me in making our roads safe