I want rapist and paedophiles to have to stay away from their victims indefinitely

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I was sexually abused by my step father from the age of 6, he got sentenced to 12 years in prison to which he served 6 and will serve the remaining 6 on licence now I received a letter yesterday from my victim officer stating that his licence ends in 2025 as of now his license conditions are he's not aloud to approach me or be in certain exceptions zones where I live, now in 2025 once his license is over he could move next door to me if he wanted to and there would be nothing legally I could do to change that as he would no longer be in licence, I think it's absolutely disgusting that an abuser would be aloud to further torment their victims, I want the law to change so that any abuser wether it be a rapist a paedophile a domestic violence abuser should not be able to approach their victims at all and their license conditions should be held indefinitely to protect the victims from going through anymore trauma and their exemption zones should also be indefinitely everybody has the right to feel safe in the area as to which they reside but allowing abusers to roam freely around their victims after their licence conditions are over is unacceptable please help me change this so victims can feel safe and be able to carry out their lives feeling they have a safe area to do so