Paul’s Law: Requiring a legally-confidential helpline on why and how to give up on crime.

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To reduce crime by allowing a legally-confidential, free to call, crime-advice- help line center: for potential offenders (and/or their concerned families, friends, or community), who wish to confidentially access and openly discuss with a trained Crime Adviser/Negotiator about an intended crime - as opposed to the lie filled fantasies.

A controversial, required Law change would be: Any Crime Adviser/Negotiator who is or was working for such a crime-advice-line, will have to be legally protected against being successfully prosecuted (in any criminal or civil court), for refusing to divulge any information has been revealed by any caller, during a crime advice-line session.

Some reasons behind such a confidential crime-advice-line are:

1: Sometimes, the most telling thing that can be fitted in between an immovable desire and an unstoppable consequence - is a question mark. A legally-confidential, one to one Q&A session with a trained Adviser/Negotiator can pose those telling questions.

2: At the center of every crime or wrongdoing there lurks a lie; which becomes our cellmate from the moment we try to shut out the truth. Our prisons are overflowing with cases of mistaken-self-identity. Part of the helpline advice will be showing that freedom comes from mistrusting the crime rather than oneself.

3: The financial cost of running such a service will be more than payed for again and again, by preventing the financial and very personal costs that victims, their families and society would otherwise pay to become yet another failure in our noble search to prevent crime. 


For those who wish to further help in establishing such a service, the following tips are suggested:

1: Lobby, and keep lobbying, your local MP, Law making authorities, council, journalist and broadcasters.

2: Find or create your own lobbing group.

3: Do not give up.

P.S. ‘Hope you enjoy the view.’



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