UK GOV to introduce policies regarding animal cosmetic product regulations

UK GOV to introduce policies regarding animal cosmetic product regulations

19 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by oshun haircare

Pets and their owners are being harmed by cosmetic products which do not meet any standard because there are none!

Currently there is no UK or EU policy, regulations or laws regarding animal cosmetic products. This means any animal cosmetic product can legally contain harmful ingredients with zero accountability to the manufacturer or the brand. 

Only the UK government can introduce policy change which reduces harm to our beloved pets and pet owners themselves.

Dogs: A hidden source of exposure to common allergens, was published by the British association of Dermatologists at their annual meeting (2019), highlighting the risks to pets and humans from current animal cosmetic products.

L. Howard, N. Mansoor and D.A. Buckley

Royal United Hospital, Bath, U.K.

Read article here: Source

They report "the lack of regulation around animal care products, such as shampoos and deodorising sprays, is exposing pets and their owners to ingredients which would be banned in equivalent products for people."

"The EU also requires ingredients to be labelled in cosmetics, but again, this does not apply to pet products."

"There is no specific legislation regulating ingredients in the same way that there is for human cosmetics."

What is a CPSR?

Any cosmetics placed on the UK or EU cosmetic market require a full Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment (CPSR) to determine that a product is suitable for human use under normal and foreseeable conditions. 

The CPSR will determine the legal allergen information that is required in order for products to meet compliance and therefore considered legal for sale.

This information reduces the risk of allergic reactions to a cosmetic product, and therefore considered vital information.

If the UK Government does not act, you may continue to unknowingly harm your pets and yourself.

This petition was created by OSHUN BRAND LTD & ESSENCH COSMETICS LTD

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Signatures: 644Next Goal: 1,000
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