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A Vote of No Confidence in Theresa May

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The UK has seen its government dragged into irreversible decline. Theresa May has divided the people in her quest for despotic power. The danger is real and we face a future reminiscent of the dark ages. 

In her own name she has enforced austerity measures killing thousands, avoided responsibility for her decisions and crucially undermined any trust in democratic power.

She has broken the NHS, Police and auxiliary services. She has destroyed national security, attacked the old and neglected the poor.

May is dangerous.  Her ego driven quest has now led to an unprecedented alliance with fundamentalists whose beliefs strike at the heart of freedom. Her cling to power is not worth the end of our rights. 

For any progress to be made we must find a new leader. One open to reason. One whose mantra is not guided by fear and self interest. One whose ideals echo those of the country they swear to protect. 

I call for immediate dismissal in the name of the UK.

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