Stop women's rights defender from going to jail

Stop women's rights defender from going to jail

27 April 2015
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UK Foreign Secretary
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Started by ActionAid UK

Women's rights lawyer Azza Soliman faces five years in jail after witnessing the killing of an activist by Egyptian police.

We have just days left to get the case dropped and stop this injustice.

Azza is due in court on 9 May and says that her best chance of freedom is if the UK Government demands that the Egyptian Authorities drop their case against her.

Stand up for Azza and all women's rights defenders: call on the UK Foreign Secretary to demand that Egypt drops the case.

Sat in a cafe in Cairo during the peaceful march in memory of the Arab Revolution, Azza's only 'crime' was that she walked outside to watch the passers-by and witnessed the killing of activist, Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, by Egyptian police.

When Azza reported the facts to the police, she was accused of breaching public order under Egypt's new repressive 'Protest Law'. She faces 5 years in prison - just for witnessing a crime.

The situation is volatile. We don't know what will happen on 9 May. There have been cases in which 500 people were tried and sentenced in just two hours. We cannot let this happen to Azza. We must have her case dropped now. Before it's too late.

She told us: “People in the UK can send a strong message and demand answers to these questions. How can a witness to a crime committed by police become a defendant? How can a woman on a peaceful march be killed in cold blood?”

ActionAid is working with the UK Government directly. We will advocate for her and keep talking until they listen. But we need your help.

Call on the UK Foreign Secretary to push Egypt to drop the charges against Azza.

This action is part of a wider ActionAid campaign to tackle violence against women. By adding your name you’ll support our call to the UK Prime Minister to help fight violence against around the world.

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This petition had 7,557 supporters

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