UK & EU parliaments (law) - DEFRA: Ban ALL antifreeze preparations unless they contain a bitterant

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Antifreeze preparations (including screen washes) contain a substance called Ethylene Glycol (EG) that is highly toxic and kills 10,000's of domestic pets every year. People have had their food and drink spiked with it with the intent of causing death. Drinks in nightclubs have been spiked with it. There are people who soak food in antifreeze and leave it out to deliberately poison dogs out on walks or cats in gardens. This has also been used to kill foxes and badgers. Children have died from ingesting antifreeze. Because it tastes so sweet, it can easily be hidden in food and drink. Accidental spills do occur, just a teaspoon is enough to kill a cat, a tablespoon will kill a dog. If it didn't taste sweet, animals wouldn't lick from spills.

We want a bittering agent added to ALL antifreeze preparations. Propylene Glycol is as toxic as EG and not suited for all vehicles. Many screen wash labels do not have ingredients on them or hazard warnings but it still contains Ethylene Glycol and is highly toxic. If it didn't taste sweet, it couldn't be hidden in food and drink. This will save thousands of animals lives every year and stop people being deliberately poisoned. If your pet is poisoned with this substance, you can look forward to a £600 vet bill and the pet being put down after total kidney failure within three days.

Wildlife SOS (TV), RSPCA and many other big animal welfare charities support our campaign.  Visit our website for more information and our Facebook support group.  

When signing this petition, please indicate in your comments if you have lost a pet or have been a victim of antifreeze poisoning. Thank you x