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Investigate the Conservative use of Tax Payer money

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The Conservative Party has used public tax payer money to the tune of £1 Billion as a bribe to the DUP to make sure their policies are past in Westminster House of Commons. As stated in "Political party funding: sources and regulations " Item "2. Public funding "  
            "Political parties in the United Kingdom are not entitled to large-scale

           public funding, unlike their counterparts in many comparable democracies."

Donations worth over £500 to political parties are regulated. Political parties must only accept such donations from permissible donors. These are individuals on the UK electoral register (including overseas voters and those leaving bequests) and organisations including, but not limited to, UK-registered companies and trade unions, and Great-Britainregistered political parties. For parties registered in Northern Ireland, permissible donors also include Irish citizens and organisations. Donations must be recorded with information including, but not limited to, the donor’s name and address, the amount or nature of the donation and its value. Political parties must report certain donations to the Electoral Commission by completing their quarterly return. During the election period, a party must make weekly reports, unless they declare they are not standing any candidates.7 The period between the dissolution of Parliament and polling day was fixed to 25 days by the Fixed - terms Parliament Act 2011 .8 Donations that must be reported are (but note that the thresholds are different if the political party has accounting units):9 • All impermissible donations • All permissible donations over £7500 • All permissible donations and loans that add up to over £7,500 from the same source in the same calendar year. • All permissible donations and loans that: • are (or add up to) over £1,500; and • come from a source already reported in the same calendar year. Affiliation fees to Trade Unions that contribute to political parties are treated as donations and must be reported to the Electoral Commission. For background on the particular association between the trade unions

As this £1 Billion is Tax payers money and not Conservative money , it shouldn't be used by the Conservative party to fund their own needs as there is no national requirement for such an agreement and goes against the will of the British electorate as per the result of the 2017 election where no political party earned enough required seats to commence a overall government

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