Stop The Ban On Childminders

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We call on the Department Of Education to issue guidance urgently that when children return to school or nursery (When ever that may be) Schools and Nurseries must allow childminders to drop off and collect children from their premises If that is what the parents want. 

Around 30 Thousand Childminders provide registered childcare in their own homes for parents all over the UK. They care for the very young as well as providing care for school age children before and after school and during school holidays. Without the assistance they provide many parents, particularly those who work unsociable hours, will not be able to attend work.

A lack of clarity in DFE guidance in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak has led to some schools and nurseries and even some Local Authorities unilaterally declaring that childminders are banned from dropping off and picking up children from their premises. If this ban is allowed to continue a recent poll suggests that 45% of childminders may be forced to leave the profession as their settings become financially unsustainable.

As childminders are subject to strict ratios on the number of children they are allowed to care for this will lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of spaces  making it much more difficult for parents to find good quality, affordable childcare for their children particularly during school holidays and weekends. 

The registration process to become a childminder is long and time consuming. If these settings close they will not be easily replaced.