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Stop importing goods from China until eating Cat and Dog meat is abolished

Dogs and Cats are not food !!! It is time for the UK Government to listen to the people . China believes the adrenaline running through their bodies as they desperately try to escape the 'boiling pot' makes the meat taste better and that  grinding  bones for consumption will make their own bones stronger !!! This is a vile trade and MUST be stopped

Letter to
UK Coalition Government
Elaine Renton
We the undersigned petition the UK Government to cease imports from China until the dog and cat meat trade is abolished . Many of them are stolen from homes only to be crammed into cages and transferred via motorcycle to the many meat markets . They are forced to endure long journeys with no food or water only to be tossed onto the floor breaking many of their bones until finally they are dragged by the neck to be battered unconscious (from which many awake within a few seconds) and are then brutally skinned and butchered whilst still alive !!! China knows how the rest of the World feel about this vile and barbaric trade and frequently try to hide it from tourists !! These desperate Animals cannot speak for themselves . We are their voice . This cannot be allowed to continue .

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