the home office: save my best friend jawed afzali's life and grant him leave to remain.

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my best friend jawed afzali is a homeless and mentally ill person, he fled his homeland country Afghanistan  for his life over 15 years ago,he was only 17 when the tragic  happened, its so sad and heart breaking going through so much at very young age, loosing your entire family your home and friends and getting traumatized it is just unbearable, it is unbearable just to hear it let alone to go through it. he is deeply depressed and has the high volume of post traumatic anxiety's, his life is a painful  tragedy he came to UK as a safe and civilized country to see seek refuge and safety, but the home office refused and denied him safety after all these years, he is living in agony and fear all of his adulthood life he has been traumatized severely and has lost all of his family, his precarious situation is heart breaking and deeply worrying.

he spent half of his life here in UK he has adopted the British way of life and integrated in the community. the united kingdom is one of the most safe and civilized  country in the world yet he lived in fear and horror in past 15 years every single day, fear of death fear of torture and horror.

he has no place to stay and no where to go, no financial support he cannot work because of his mental health and do not have the permission either , every day is fear and panic for him, I and other friends helped him all the way through emotionally and financially the best we could but he needs more, he needs a lot more help with his mental health and everything, to start with we all need to help him support him and ask the home office to grant him leave to remain  and ease up the agony anxiety's and depressions.

I believe you great people out there would empathizes but it is impossible for one to feel the pain the agony and the difficulty ones went through, loosing you entire family and leaving your birth place your home for ever then living in fear and horror for the rest of your life is something that I cannot find the word to describe.

i believe that together we can make difference, lets stand together and save ones life.

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i would like to thank all of you in advance  

 Ian Rapley .