Refund UIC Students for Tuition Costs

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The University of Illinois at Chicago has announced that they will move all of their classes online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. While this is a necessary safety measure that is crucial to student safety, we cannot ignore that the result is a vastly different educational experience. Due to the fact students are not going to receive the full education they are paying for, the students of UIC hereby request the University to refund all students the difference between the costs of in-person and online instruction, including fees that are no longer applicable. We also expect the University to be fair when giving their housing cost and parking pass refunds as well.

The COVID-19 outbreak is not the fault of the University, but forcing the students to bear the burden of cost on university resources caused by the outbreak is unjust. When the University, with a 2020 budget of $7 billion, can give a 40% raise to its president, it can afford to alleviate these costs. 

The University has taken many correct steps so far in response to student concerns regarding the pandemic. Though to expect students to pay for their tuition in full when they are not receiving the education experience they paid for is not acceptable. UIC lauds itself as Illinois’ "best value" university. When students that struggle to pay for college are forced to pay the same amount for an online education as a robust on-campus experience, the University fails in their promise of “best value.”