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Kenyan Government To Lift Ban On Church Registration

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I'm wondering why people don't see this as a problem in Kenya. For your attention, Kenyan government doesn't recognise Jesus in this country. Kenya has become and always has been a none religious state, we don't know the face of Kenya, and now for a long time has turned a blind eye and shut down churches discreetly in the name of tamming fake preachers. They're confident in their reasoning not knowing that this is the devil's tool because they are blind to spiritual things not aware that the only power that can nub fake churches is God himself, then you will find others calling themselves bishops and church leaders clapping for them, mix themselves in mere politics, forgetting their rolls as church leaders and have failed to steer the the government to the right direction by the word in which they claim they have and because of this Kenya has immigrated from bad to worse each moment you wake up. Reason? God is angry. People are suffering in Kenya but I realised that many church leaders are blind, they don't see the cause, just like any other Kenyan, the focus is on the political outcomes. 

This should not be the case for a God fearing nation. KENYA WAKE UP or else you are matching to ruins. Politicians won't make Kenya great, God will. 

For Kenya to start getting healed, THE FIRST SHOT IS FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO LIFT THE BAN ON CHURCH REGISTRATION. By doing this, it's an act of recognising God's sovereignty in Kenya and then the healing of the land shall come. 

Help Kenya stand on her feet for the first time, CHURCH LEADERS FAILED BIG.

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