XI PUC finals to be cancelled due to peak covid cases in India !!


XI PUC finals to be cancelled due to peak covid cases in India !!

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Krithika Nagarajan started this petition to UGC (KARNATAKA PU BOARD)

We students here are mentally and physically tired of having dealt with online classes the whole academic year and have been asked to attend the finals offline which is not considerable by most pupils who are currently in their XI PUC .

The covid cases have been at the highest it can ever be in India and we do not have a clear vision of what's ahead. Attending offline exams during this time of the year with most of the students being below 18 are at high risk. Psychologically, in a scale of 10 there are at least 6 of them who are emotionally and mentally unavailable to make it up to an exam offline and may that be the post covid trauma, loss of family members and loved ones, uncertain ways of having started a college and more that I shall quote it as "personal issues". It is unsafe to attend exams offline and considering the fact that our finals is felt to be taken light by the authorities and is not a board exam.

Writing the exam offline disturbs us in many ways:

1. Clearly unsafe and uncertain of how one can be infected 

2. Students attending the XI PUC finals are mostly the ones below 18 years and not vaccinated.

3. Students in general are affected by one or the other circumstance caused due to this pandemic which makes it difficult to focus and score enough in finals.

4. THIS IS A PANDEMIC recording the highest covid cases per day and to conduct finals for XI PUC can be cancelled as it up holds considerable reasons to do so.

5. Since XI PUC does not have any main exam such as boards .


The particular college can take the overall performance and grade us by that or they can consider the prefinals score and grade us by that. 

Why this ? Why do I care?

I am one among them which makes it all, it would by far be the guilt I shall carry forever if I do not step up and make sure my fellow mates and myself are safe as we are all fighting this pandemic in our own ways. This is just a small start I can do to make it any better for us students of XI PUC. 

We request the one in power and the one affected to take a fair decision and help us sign this petition. Fortune the decision stands by justice . Please do sign this petition. Thank you!


This petition made change with 236 supporters!

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