We the Students want Offline Examination of Colleges and Universities.

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1. We want OFFLINE Examination of Colleges  and Universities. Not Online Examination.  

2. There Must be 15 Days Classes in University/Colleges Before Commencement of Examination.

Amid global pandemic scenario. Students have proved to be on of the most fragile communities.

First, virtual learning pattern was forced to both school and university/college students. Department of Higher Education without pondering over the lack of online material access to most of the students, is in a hurry of starting the next academic sessions.

Only a handful of students, those belong to upper middle class and rich families have facilities for such kind of learning. Students, mostly from Rural background and these make maximum numbers too are not comfortable with virtual classrooms and examination patterns.

Without any field survey or proper research, Universities pan India are trying to conduct online examinations in coming days. Here are some of the concerns universities not even considering upon :

1. Not every student has smartphones, personal computer or laptop or Internet  at home 

The number of inhabited villages without mobile services stood at 43,088 as on July 27, 2018 (based on 2018 Survey) out of 5,97,618 inhabited villages in the country as per census 2011, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha.

2. Villages in India have worst internet connectivity, how would students cope up with the situation. There might be a social divide among students as few privileges would be in favour of online examination and others would find it difficult to conduct the online examination.

3. Lack of online learning orientation of students should be the big concern

4. When lockdown started syllabus was not  completed. Majority of the syllabus yet to be completed.

5. Universities are bragging about the online learning methods and even claming to have completed the syllabus post lockdown which is infact misleading

6. Lockdown stress would not let students do their best in online examinations

Considering the points mentioned above we demand dropping of idea of online examinations.
We the student community want universities' administration to wait for the normalization of situation.
After the lockdown ends, there should be at least 15 days classroom teaching before the commencement of examination. And, we strongly oppose the online examination at this time....

online examination is not feasible considering that many students don’t come from backgrounds and regions where they have sufficient infrastructure. Online on-time examination is ruled out as many of our students are from tribal and rural areas. 

हम चाहते  है  कि हमारी  परीक्षा Offline हो।  हम Online  Examination  नहीं  देना  चाहते। क्योंकि विश्वविद्यालय/कालेजों में  पढ़ने  वाले  ज्यादातर  विद्यार्थी  ग्रामीण परिवेश से  आते  है।  इसलिए  उनके  लिए  Online  Examination  देना  बहुत  मुश्किल है  क्योंकि  न तो  वहां  इंटरनेट  की इतनी  उपलब्धता  रहती है।  और लॉकडाउन  से  पहले  बच्चों  का सिलेबस  भी  offline पूरा नहीं  हुआ था। इसलिए परीक्षा  से  पहले  कम से कम 15 दिन की face to face  learning University colleges में  होनी  चाहिए । ताकि विद्यार्थी परीक्षा देने के लिए तैयार हो सके।

We urge you people to sign the petition if you think likewise








We urge you people to sign the petition if you think likewise