Promote Final Year Engineering students.

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Dear Readers and Concerned Authorities,

Amidst a global Corona Virus pandemic, UGC(University Grants Commission) and the Government of Karnataka has recently issued guidelines to State Public Universities, Private Universities and Private Engineering Colleges regarding the conduct of examinations.

The Guidelines state:

  • Intermediate semester students(1st,2nd, 3rd-year students) will be promoted based on a 'Comprehensive Evaluation' with 50:50 weightage to internal marks and the aggregate of previous semester marks.
  • Examinations for Final Semester/Year students will be conducted by the end of September 2020 in order to maintain 'Academic credibility' and to safeguard student's interest.

This preposterous decision has left almost all Final year students who were most at stake, bewildered and deeply disappointed.

These are Sincere reasons why:

  1. Most of the recruiting Companies are awaiting the Students Degree certificate in order to Onboard, and have made no exclusive demand that the students write their Semester End year exams in order to consider the Degree Certificates legitimate. Many Students have to join as early as mid-July/August. More the exams are pushed back, more the probability of students losing their Offer/Jobs amidst a recession. And For those who have secured their Jobs, will have to face an economic loss by forgoing a salary of around two months as a consequence of this delay.  Additionally, this delay also hinders those who wish to pursue higher studies.
  2.  Major Project work and Internal Assessment which account for greater than 60 percent of total marks have been completed and evaluated online. Final year students have only 2/3 subjects compared to 8/9 subjects of Intermediate students  (1st,2nd, 3rd-year students).     Final year students who are burdened with constraints of their Job offers/Job hunting are asked to appear for exams which are at a high risk of being delayed in case COVID-19 cases rise whereas Intermediate students are Promoted.
  3. The Karnataka government has revised the quarantine norms for persons coming from other States and have made 14 days of home quarantine mandatory. The Ongoing lockdowns and revised norms have made appearing for exams (in case it is offline) extremely hard especially for Out of state students. 
  4. Even if The institutions follow the Safety guidelines, Final year students are at High Risk of getting infected from COVID-19, as seen recently in the case of a 10th Standard student.
  5. How can 'Academic credibility' justify conducting delayed exams to Final year students who are most at stake. How is it  'Academically Credible'  to promote Intermediate students who will not be affected by the consequences of late exams/late results

Hence,  It is requested of the reader to join hands in order to spread this Plea of ours to as many people as possible and if possible, to the Concerned authorities.


To the Concerned Authorities,                                                                   We sincerely request you to Promote Final Year students and provide their Degree  Certificates without any further delay.