Lack of Student Empowerment and curriculum drawbacks in Indian Private Universities

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Right now in India the engineering colleges that we study in are not giving us all the tools we are paying for that is a secure future,resulting in lots of unemployed engineers out on the street.

Many core companies use aptitude tests as well as technical tests for the placement criteria,and even if we pass those and get a job we need to have great practical skills so that we can stay at that job but our colleges focus on only theoretical knowledge. Most colleges have only 8 lab periods a week and around 30 theoretical classes of those subject.These classes waste a lot of time without actually helping us to learn those skills.When you go to work the company doesn't say define this or define that, they ask code this or code that.All the time we spent on theory is just wasted here.

Not only that, due to the minimum attendence rule people have to sit in the class learning many useless things and they don't get enough time to work on projects as well as their personal development skills.The time wasted here should be ours to utilise. We as students should have the freedom for what to do and what not to with that time but are not given an option.

But the problem doesn't end there, many private universities don't have an official student body which is a really big problem because we pay for our college,and we should know what's going on in our colleges the budget of the college, how is it being used, the exact breakdown of our fees. None of this is made public and if we want this information we are directed here and there until either they give the information or we loose patience to look for it.

There should be an official student body for every college campus so that the students get empowerment in their college. This body should be decided using student elections and the candidacy open to all.

Many colleges in India don't even recognise official cultural and sports clubs. Singing, dancing, sports and entering competitions are one of the best ways to build your personality but colleges are denying this by not creating official clubs and giving them budgets,rooms to practice, etc.They just want to spend all the money to build more and more branches of their colleges.This also kills young talents that may have a future.

Colleges should have cultural and sports clubs so that students can grow in every way they can. Who are the colleges to decide what a person can do?

I hope this petition reaches the right ears and improve the plight of engineering students all over the country.