End Slavery: Absorb Delhi University Ad hocs Through Ordinance

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An Appeal to Serve Justice to Ad-hocs of University of Delhi through absorption ordinance.

It is high time that the plight of 4500 adhoc teachers of University of Delhi should come to an end. The teachers are under the constant fear of losing job and hence, their right to live their lives with dignity. Since 2010, an unusual and unfavourable situation has got erected with huge accumulation of ad-hoc teachers (more than 50%) in the University, thus violating the permissible UGC norm of maximum 10 % of the sanctioned posts for such non-permanent teachers.
Despite all of them being experienced, academically sound and fulfilling all the requisite academic qualifications like UGC NET/JRF, M Phil, PhD and Post-doctorate etc. from the prestigious Universities of India and abroad, these teachers are forced to serve under discriminatory and exploitative service conditions on ad-hoc/temporary basis for the past several years on substantive posts violating not only DU’s own statutes and regulations but also UGC guidelines and various legal orders and fundamental rights including the right of equal wage for equal work. These teachers are deprived of many benefits like, annual increments, maternity leave, career enhancement, and medical benefits and are even deprived of the right to dignified life. The tenure of ad-hoc teachers is fixed for four months which is further extended on the basis of satisfactory service records and interviews, most of which depends on the whims and fancies of the administrative authority. The exploitative and inhuman service conditions of ad-hoc teachers in Delhi University and its affiliated colleges can be gauged by the fact that women ad-hoc teachers are forced to serve throughout their pregnancy period and then they have no option but to rejoin immediately after delivery. The situation is so critical that it is not only affecting ad-hoc/temporary teachers but also counter-productive for quality teaching-learning environment of Delhi University, one of the premier institution of quality and affordable higher education in the country.
It is pertinent to mention here that Delhi University and its constituent/affiliated colleges have advertised these teaching post several times in the past and despite the order of Hon'ble Delhi High Court directing the University of Delhi to fill all these vacant post by 31st July 2017. The University and its constituent colleges have once again failed to fill these post on permanent basis thus withering the last ray of hope of ad hoc teachers.
Public funded education has remained one of the main pillars of Indian economic development, it is thus essential to save these institutions for universal access to higher education and reap up the benefits of demographic dividend.
There have been similar instances where in ad-hoc/temporary/contract teachers have been regularized/absorbed through one time legislation:
In D.U. itself such steps had been taken in the year 1979-80,1987-88 ,1998-99 and 2003(Temporary Ordinance, XIII-A(Ord.13-A), all temporary teachers including teachers against leave vacancy were made permanent against the existing substantive posts through a onetime temporary ordinance.
Rajasthan Government had absorbed temporary teachers in 2008 through an ordinance: Rajasthan universities teachers (Absorption of temporary teachers), Ordinance, 2008 and subsequently in 2010, services of 28,000 para teachers were also regularized.
In West Bengal, around 700 college guest teachers' were regularized in 2010.
U.P, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana Governments (Chief Secretary of Govt of Haryana Notification: 6/7/2014-1-G.S-I dated 16-6-2014) have also taken such positive initiatives.
Punjab government has regularized services of 37,000 employees in 2016 and Delhi Government has also announced regularization of 70,000 employees.
In light of the above facts, to impart the due justice to these long serving teachers and also to establish quality of education.