Cancellation of End semester online examination for Christ ( Deemed to be University)

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Cancellation of online end semester examination for first and second year students of (Christ Deemed to be University

We all know how we are struggling with problems back at home let it be financial, mental or any other in that case. Moreover we students are trying to cheer up our family members during such a situation when they feel depressed or are left in despair, there problem has now become our problems too. With so many things to take incharge of we are left with making choices that has more prirority to us during the pandemic.

Taking into consideration such problems, The Government of Karnataka has clearly sent a notice stating that no colleges are to held any examination online / offline for the students who are in their first year or second year.

If Government has given orders to all the colleges in Karnataka to adhere to its guidelines then why is Christ (Deemed to be University) not following the orders from the Government. Why are they trying to prove themselves different and unique in a wrong way even during such a crisis when everyone is facing there own problems.

We know exams are important but not at a cost of our mental health and the problems we are facing back at home which differs from person to person. Though we have paid some amount to the college for organized exams, it is clearly out of fear of uncertainty. Moreover giving an option to attend or not attend the online exam has created a dilema among students which is further degrading their state of mind. We students have our elders who are growing ill or are coming in contact with the dangerous covid-19 virus outbreak and no one to take care off. During these times when the pandemic is still advancing and making people its prey, if college is expecting us to focus on our studies and sit for examination it can clearly be termed insane on the part of college.

My request is to give us the right to have stable mind during the pandemic and help the people who are in need back at home because they are all falling sick with 25000 new covid cases everyday. Please take into consideration the situation every student from different state is going through and consider our demand to cancel the online examination that is scheduled from 13th of July.