Cancellation or Postponement of University Exams until COVID-19 cases come down

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Most of the universities in India are planning to conduct the university exams in the month of June and July though the situation hasn't come under control. The cases count in India is rising up drastically.

I would request both the government and respective universities not to conduct the examinations at this point and put the life of students at stake. 

In case if you insist to conduct exams, you may need to give us a guarantee that we won't be getting affected by COVID-19 during the examination. We want the government and the respective Universities and institutions to take the responsibility.

I would like to ask the universities which are willing to conduct examinations under this pandemic situation that are you planning to conduct exams for the assessment of students' skills or just to get income through this . If the second one is the case, please collect the examination fee and promote us because we aren't ready to risk our lives. If you are truly willing to assess the skills of students, then conduct exams without charging any examination fee as your aren't conducting for money purpose and that too giving us that guarantee bond papers signed by the Vice Chancellor of the University and a representative of the GOI.

In most of the cases, the portions are incomplete. In case of MBBS, the colleges were closed from March. We didn't have a single dissection class on abdomen and pelvis. They didn't start Neuroanatomy which is considered to be the most difficult. There are several practical topics left out. Till now, only one internal examination has been conducted. They've released the time table of first year universty exams not even postponing it a single day and extending 2.5 hours exam to 3 hours exams. It's practically impossible to complete all those topics and giving us time to prepare. Basically, the university wants us to clearly fail and wait for supplymentary exams as per present scenario.