FIRE Chancellor Richard Carranza

FIRE Chancellor Richard Carranza

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The Chancellor of New York City schools has lost the trust of the teachers, parents and administrators of the City of New York. We demand that Mayor DeBlasio fire Chancellor Carranza immediately for the following reasons:

Specification #1: Dereliction of Duty
- His refusal to shut down city schools in the midst of a pandemic demonstrates an impotence in the face of crisis. Flippantly suggesting to the effect "when 108,000 epidemiologists tell me to..." is an immoral stance for someone in his position to take.

Specification #2: Unsafe Working Conditions
- The Department of Education has refused to release the numbers of staff impacted by the virus like other city agencies have done. As reported, Principals and Teachers have become ill with CoVid-19. He retorts, in a self-pitying stance, “people that make those claims don’t have the responsibility, or the weight of responsibility, of making these kinds of decisions.” He didn't make any decision. SEIU 1199 workers with the CSA/UFT forced the hand of the Governor to do what's right. From Susan Edelman @SusanBEdelman @doechancellor
did not explain why the DOE did not follow state guidelines to shut the school and investigate who was exposed and what further protective steps to take. Five teachers hit with COVID-19 and their colleagues want to know.

Specification #3: Budgetary Impropriety
- Schools didn't have enough money to pay for laptops prior to this crisis, yet the Chancellor had enough money to remake his office. Now, like magic, 300,000 laptops can be purchased.

He has put the lives of school children, teachers, administrators, and all support staff in danger with his reckless dismissiveness. We demand immediate action!