Shut down the University of the Free State to prevent the spreading of Covid-19

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The President advised that large gatherings of 100 or more people should be postponed or canceled. This includes concerts, conferences and sporting events. 

This also implies that small gatherings held in venues that do not allow a social distancing of six feet per person should also be postponed or canceled.

Test venues have hundreds of students in a single day. From the morning until the evening. It'll be hard to prevent the spread of this worldwide pandemic while trying to; at the same time, continue with academic activities. Lecture venues are touched by thousands of students, it is practically impossible to combat this by implementing better hygiene on campus.

It's better if we suspend academies sooner rather than later to protect the health of the students and the employees of the University. If schools of an estimated amount of 900 learners have been closed. The same should apply for the university of the Free State which is home to thousands of Students.

Health should come before anything else.