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Petition to strip Conor McGregor of his UFC Lightweight title belt.

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As of the start of this petition it has been 369 days since Conor McGregor fought Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight title belt in Madison Square Garden. Since that time, Conor has not fought a single MMA lightweight bout or once defended his UFC lightweight title belt while simultaneously seeking out non-MMA related fights for his own monetary success.

With the recent news from Conor's coach that that he may not fight until sometime in 2018 along with his utter negligence to the sports ethics and unprofessional behavior at Bellator 187, it's only fair that Conor is stripped of his title or forced to vacate so that the Lightweight division can return to normalcy and prevent the decay of other lightweight fighters careers. It's simply unfair to the fans and to the fighters who have such short career windows to hold one of the most competitive and exciting divisions hostage while fans and fellow fighters stand idle as McGregor continues his own personal endeavours. 

Tony Ferguson with his 10 fight win streak undoubtedly deserves a ready and willing opponent and should be given one so that his earned interim belt can be unified for the true undisputed UFC lightweight championship belt.



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