Replay the Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool

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It has been proved that Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius suffered a concussion during the Champions League Final as a result of a foul by Sergio Ramos just minutes before throwing the ball into the path of Karim Benzema for Real Madrid’s first goal. 

As well as this, Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah was fouled by Sergio Ramos, leading to the dislocation of his shoulder. This reduced Liverpool’s chances of winning the final, yet despite the severity of the foul by Ramos, no action was taken by any match officials, and despite this petition calling for Sergio Ramos to be banned ( UEFA have refused to call a hearing by their disciplinary panel. 

If UEFA are able to take action against Ramos, and replay the Champions League Final, it will prove that they can commit to their belief in “fair play”. Failure to do so will ultimately prove that they believe in deliberately causing physical harm to players, simulation of fouls (diving) and playing a dirty game overall, and that they will continue to support clubs that encourage this instead of taking action. 

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