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After reading the retirement reasons from Mesut Özil himself. I took my side with him in this situation, and I urge the people  who will read this petition to sign and promote it. The following reasons made me create this petition

- Racism : football is for all regardless of religion, region of orgin and ethinicity.  therefore that incident which happened on Mezut, is against the games norms. I urge the political and jurisdiction institutions to take this matter into account because if racism happens in highly ranked institution like DFB , there is a big problem in smaller institutions.

- Unfair treatment and luck of support to Özil from DFB leaders except Joachim Low. Everyone in the staff put poor performance of the team, on one man's shoulders. That is unfair treatement of the player and we urge DFB to ask apologises through an official letter, because Germany team has failed as team not as some figures.

- Using a simple picture to exaggerate the matter: Of course Özil is a Turkish Germany and he can't flee from that root. The picture taken with the Turkish President Ozil is still having his country of origin in his heart not that nonsense spoken in the media. Those broken news taught me that when you're immigrant,Europeans want us to forget our backgrounds and only focus on their duties.

 -Finally in days of glory and success, we are their sibblings and country comrades but when circumstances come, we are reminded that we are from poor families,and dark background. This must stop.

From those comments, I drew a conclusion to create this Petition.

Sign it, support it and promote it.