Discrimination between volunteer’s departments of UEFA Final Match in Baku 2019


Discrimination between volunteer’s departments of UEFA Final Match in Baku 2019

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It all started with the fact that we were volunteers at the 2019 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Our organizers, supervisors, team leaders worked on BCC (Baku City Circuit) Academy. From my point of view the organization was top notch. My colleagues and I got a very useful experience in this place.

When Formula 1 ended, the best volunteers with the best recommendations were invited to be a volunteer at the UEFA Final Match at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Here discrimination began

In addition to us, there were volunteers who themselves submitted an application. They were called "Volunteers from AFFA (Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan)" or "UEFA Volunteers". And for some reason we were called "ITicket Volunteers". Although, ITicket simply collaborated with BCC Academy as Team Leaders who will teach us how to work before the start of the match and watch and help us during the work.

In total, 220 "ITicket" volunteers were invited from BCC Academy. The number of "AFFA" volunteers is unknown to me. But much more than "ITicket".

With all this, the unfair advantage of volunteers from "AFFA" was visible to the naked eye. Although we all were volunteers at the same match and worked together

  • Their volunteers ate several times in one working day, unlike us. We had food once.
  • They had an account on the official UEFA website in the section for volunteers, unlike us.
  • On their accreditation's was the label "VOL" unlike us. We had the label "SRV". This is despite the fact that we all were told that we are volunteers. Although, in fact, we were service workers. But at the same time, we were not paid a salary.
  • They were given backpacks that we were not given.
  • We were not invited to the "Kick Off Party" which was in honor of the UEFA volunteers before the match.
  • We were not mentioned at the “Thank you” party that took place on June 4th. They did not even mention kind words about us, although they talked a lot about AFFA volunteers. For example, the volunteers "AFFA" were promised that they will be accepted for volunteering without a preliminary interview in 2020 at the following games
  • They were all handed a UEFA set in which there was a column, a small soccer ball with the UEFA logo and a certificate signed by UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin and AFFA President Rovnag Abdullayev. When "ITicket" volunteers demanded a package and a certificate, they were told that "Not available for you"

We are volunteers. We demand our rights. We want all volunteers to be treated equally with respect. We demand a thorough investigation of the incident by the leadership of the BCC Academy, the organizers of UEFA in Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Sports of Azerbaijan. We want our gifts and certificates to be given to us, like all other volunteers. If we are not given due to the fact that we are “Service Workers” we demand that we be paid a salary for our work. We do not agree to a second-grade certificate from "ITicket", while the rest were given a certificate from "UEFA".

Best regards, by UEFA Baku Final Cup 2019 volunteers



Эта петиция выиграла с 57 подписантами!

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