Undertake disciplinary measures against Sergio Ramos

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Everybody have seen what has been happened during the Champions League final. Especially, it was clear the misconduct of Sergio Ramos, player of Real Madrid. He has intentionally provoked the injury to an opponent player, Salah, praticing a leverage maneuver that is considered illegal even in Judo.

Furthermore, at the minute 49 (second half of the match), he set a nudge right on the face of Liverpool goalkeeper, Karius. Especially this act should be evaluated by the disciplinary bodies of UEFA using the "TV evidence" as statued by the Article 44 (Forms of evidence) of UEFA Disciplinary Regulations: "1 Any type of evidence may be used during disciplinary investigations and proceedings, ... Valid forms of evidence in disciplinary investigations and proceedings include ... television and video recordings, ..."

As, evidently, the referee has not seen nor reported the nudge that Mr. Ramos gave to Karius, the television evidence must be accepted for start a disciplinary processes against Sergio Ramos.

Without further actions by the UEFA a precedent will be established allowing any player to act in unfair manner avoiding any sanction.

We ask to start a prompt disciplinary process against Ramos that should result in a severe sanction for his (usual) misconduct.