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football belongs to the people, and the people is football.

 So Aleksander Čeferin asked us fans to stop the super league, and we fans responded in a loud voice.

 But we are not UEFA fans we are fans of our favorite teams, for them we cried, rejoiced, cheered, moved, shouted at the top of our lungs about the goals of our champions.

 But these days the uefa president has made a defamatory statement against the super league teams, threatening them by believing himself the absolute leader of European football, but as he said we are football and if you threaten our teams you threaten us fans.

 And that is why we all together demand the immediate resignation of Aleksander Čeferin as uefa president.

 And we ask UEFA to appoint a new president, who is close to us fans, and presents us with the most fascinating competitions from the point of view of the show.