Allow the UKIP discussion event to take place!

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I am not a UKIP supporter but for the simple sake of fair and just democracy that we in this country abide by, please do not advocate the prevention of freedom of speech. The people who persuaded the the discussions prevention clearly have a strong opinion and wish to silence all who appose it; this is not acceptable in this society. It is also in the interest of people who strongly oppose UKIP surely to confront them? People of opposing views and backgrounds should have the ability to discuss problems openly....this is embeded in UK law as well as being a basic human right. Democracy works as it allows views, no matter how extreme, to be represented; it also enables people to understand one anothers views and act where necessary. We do not silence people of different backgrounds and views on the basis that we do not agree with them. If anything that gives people more stones to throw! UEA is diverse; part of that diversity is not race or background, but thought. Please do not let a people who contradict their own liberal principles by preventing real problems being discussed for their own opinions to be maintained. PLEASE SIGN THIS!!!

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