Integrity MA / St. Columbia’s Boys Club

Integrity MA / St. Columbia’s Boys Club

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Chris Dickson started this petition to Uddingston and

NLC plan to build more houses in the area.... great right!?? 

However they are pulling down all our facilities to do so! Meaning the people in the community have nowhere to go or send their child/children. 

Integrity MA / St Columbus Boys club is ear marked for development & the plan to have us out for June 1st 2020 to build 27 houses, we want to save our building. Over 120 members within the community use the building for these activities below:

Little Ninjas - Kicking Kids - Jnr TKD - ASN Classes - Adult TKD - Jnr Kickboxing - Adult Kickboxing - Ladies Only Self Defence - Ladies Only Fitness Classes - Ronnie White Kick Fit - Redemption Dance Jnr & Adult - Tactical Edge - Martial Arts Seminars - Tactical Edge Classes 

The school across the road from our building share our car park and they alone couldn’t do without that car park, everyone in the community see’s just how busy that road / car park is whenever the school has events on; parents nights, school shows & every day pick up and drop offs. 

We ask the council to go ahead and build the 27 houses but do it on the land at the side and back of our Building & Carpark. The rooms there, they CAN SAVE US. 

Viewpark has had many a blow in the last year / months / weeks / days with buildings that are needed ear marked for pull down!

Burnheads Liber8 building, 18months left empty (possible pull down!??) Clubs left with nowhere to go after occupying the premisses from day it opened, home to WBC youth champion professional boxer, home grown too. Viewparks very own Michael McGurk also numerous Scottish/British champions. A weights / fitness gym closed down leaving many a member homeless!!

Viewpark Gardens also earmarked for development of housing and set to close!

Focus Youth Group - More Funding cuts - are the next? 

Juniper Road, Changed from Green Belt To Brown Belt Land (Means they can build) 

The point we are trying to labour is; with all these new houses being built shouldn’t we see facilities opening not closing. 

Can we also highlight that all these classes that are put on in Viewpark to help many a person in the community in one way or another. 

Mental Health is a major concern at the moment, along with drug abuse, violence, thief & vandalism to name but a few. 

Please see link below I have attached that shows Physical Activities help reduce all of the above, that alone is evidence enough we need community projects within Viewparks Infrastructure.

Thanks for taking time to read & sign our petition.


The Integrity MA Team 




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!