Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil (Dada) in Rajyasabha

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Mr. Shivajirao Adhalrao has lost the parliamentary elections only because of the emotional gimmicks played by the name of “Sambhaji Maharaj”. The serial was running continuously during the elections and the opposite candidate used it throughout his campaigns to play with people’s emotions. We understand this is not the point to justify what we want to achieve with this petition, but if you clearly analyze the results, 3 assemblies had given majority where illiteracy is an issue and people can be molded easily with such emotional gimmicks. Anyways, we will not get into analysing election results but focus on why we need dada on Rajyasabha.

We know the hard work done by dada for the people in our constituency and we need him to be with us forever. There are lot of developments under process and we know he would only be able to complete those if he stays in the system. The NCP has become so aggressive in this Constituency and we need a strong opposition for the betterment of the area as we don’t think there will be NCP ruling either in Maharashtra or nationally at least for next 10-15 years. We strongly believe that having your government ruling in the centre, only dada can bring developmental projects.  If dada goes out of the system, Shivsena will certainly lose this Constituency forever as he had been the lonely warrior for Sena in this Constituency. Only he can do it and this is the right time to strengthen Shivsena here considering the increasing strength of the party not only in Maharashtra but nationally. 

We hope you would respond to this and we look forward to hear from you. We would be happy to discuss on this at length if required and explain you in detail even if we know you must be aware of most of the things mentioned above.