Stop Mumbai University Colleges to Open Amid ongoing pandemic

Stop Mumbai University Colleges to Open Amid ongoing pandemic

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Started by Vijay Kulkarni

In this pandemic, we are being forced to come to college while omicron. 

They are making it compulsory for students who are vaccinated. But the problem is more than the virus. We know that vaccine provide a shield but each classes have almost 60-65 students and even half the strength will be 30 people together and this is just for one class in a college. Imagine how fast the corona might spread will whole college open and running.

Not all hostels and Pgs are allowed to be open yet. This makes it more difficult for outstation students to find a place to stay. And during this uncertainty, another wave might come and it will just result in wastage of time and resources.

With students, many of their parents will also come to the city and most of them are aged more than 55 and 60 and if the new variant infects them who will take the responsibility. We (students) don't want to put their life at risk. No one knows how the new variant can affect them and us the students.

If anyone is infected all of their studies is affected as college students have to do various projects, their internals will be affected. If an outstation student is infected then who is there to take care of him as parents will not be with them. If conditions become serious than who will be responsible. This all just puts more mental pressure to a student and it directly affects their performance as well as mental health.

The findings bolster work from UK health authorities released last week that found the omicron subvariant appears even more contagious than the original fast-spreading strain. That analysis also showed booster shots remain an effective shield, the UK Health Security Agency said on Friday.

results suggest that omicron-induced immunity may not be sufficient to prevent infection from another, more pathogenic variant, should it emerge in the future,"

While BA.1 is still the most dominant type worldwide, recent trends suggest BA.2 is increasing in some countries including India, South Africa, the UK and Denmark, the World Health Organization said last month.

23 have signed. Let’s get to 25!