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Petitioning UCSD Winter GameFest

UCSD Winter GameFest: Include Team Fortress 2 in your e-sports events

UCSD GameFest is one of the premier e-sports events on the west coast. They currently hold Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Call of Duty and Halo competitions. But surely there are quite a few Team Fortress 2 players at UC San Diego who would love to participate and play TF2 in a competitive setting.

If you are a TF2 player who would consider participating in a competitive tournament as part of a future UCSD GameFest event, sign this petition. This petition has been started after consulting WGF. It will help us gauge the amount of interest in such a competition and decide whether such a tournament would be realistic. We need at least a hundred signatures for a good tournament.

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UCSD Winter GameFest
Include Team Fortress 2 in your e-sports events.