Bring back Hydroflasks at UCSD markets

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Dominick Lee
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At The University of California San Diego, students must endure arduous walks from class to class with many paths lacking water fountains. In previous years during scorching summer afternoons, students could buy innovative insulated containers with the magical ability to keep their beverage cold all day long for their long commutes to class. These temperature containment beverage vessels were called HydroFlasks and were available at every UCSD market and accessible to all students without restriction through the dining currency. These HydroFlasks became a staple for all UCSD students and reflected pride and school spirit with each and every fill.


My friends, we have unfortunately entered a new era. The once ubiquitous bright and joyous colors of HydroFlasks no longer propagate the school, replaced instead with cheap imposters and dehydrated students. Our mission it to unite our campus to bring back the symbol of UCSD that has become so iconic. Please consider signing this declaration to bring back the HydroFlasks and do your civic duty to ensure the hydration of our student population.