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UCSD Administration & HDH Complicit in Perpetuating Long-Term On-Campus Housing Crisis

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UC San Diego has been running out of enough living space on campus since 2001. In 2014, the mini-double was created, the freshman 4-year housing guarantee was reduced to 2 years, in 2015 the UC Regents announced that they would increase in-state tuition. Additionally, HDH has been increasing the cost of on-campus housing to deal with the problem. This year, the students who bore the brunt of the consequences of the crisis were the approximately 400 to 500 transfer students who were guaranteed 2 years on-campus. However, they were moved to the previously marked for demolition Mesa apartments location. Notoriously, this is known as the on-campus housing that is far enough from all the teaching facilities to be considered off-campus. 

In response, Housing, Dining, and Hospitality (“HDH”) at UC San Diego offered to “buy” space from students currently living on campus, marketing the situation as a deal to students where they would provide a limited time offer of $4000- $4500 to students who decided to move off-campus. As far as we know, not a lot of student took up the offer. Although HDH had announced the goal of moving out  Transfers out of Mesa by November 1st, they did not achieve that. Instead, HDH has launched an adoption program where on-campus students can offer to share their on-campus location space with these transfers. 

This year the situation is the most significant compared to the past years. UC San Diego has admitted 15 percent more freshman and transfer students in Fall 2017 comparing to 2016. 

According to our research, Transfer students, are assigned housing last, after freshmen have been accommodated. In addition, earlier this year, the UC Regents announced they would increase in-state admission due to public audit. Other causes of 2017 resurfacing of the housing crisis are the UC San Diego increased admission to fund the campus expansion; which doesn't even provide additional housing. Because of the artificially inflated prices on-campus, off-campus housing prices have also rose artificially, making living more expensive for students because of the campus' decisions. 

Through this Dystopian project where we, hope to raise awareness about the housing crisis and how this has been something that students have been forced to bear the costs of. If you are outraged at the current on-campus housing situation and agree this shouldn't even be happening, please join us by signing this petition! 

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