Make CANTA Editorially Independent from the UCSA

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Kia ora,

My name is Samantha and I am the editor of CANTA.

I took up this role at the beginning of semester two and to my concern, I soon learnt that before CANTA goes to print it must be read through and approved by a staff member of the UCSA.

CANTA is the only student magazine in New Zealand where this seemingly ‘censorship/proofing/checking’ practice occurs. 

It makes me wonder - is CANTA a magazine for and by students from the University of Canterbury, or is it the UCSA’s magazine. 

CANTA was founded as a model whereby the UCSA has complete control, but I believe it is time for an update.

In my editorial position so far, I’ve struggled to confirm whether or not we can actually criticise the university or the UCSA. Several articles submitted have been halted from publication with the request that the UCSA must be able to provide a response first. While this is absolutely fair, as it’s important to present a balanced argument, the articles submitted have merely been opinions. Shouldn’t we be allowed to voice our thoughts? Furthermore, I am unable to reach out to you guys through the UCSA Noticeboard, asking for your experiences, negative or positive with the UCSA, for an investigative article I have been writing.

I strongly believe, in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, CANTA should be editorially independent from the UCSA. It should be the student’s magazine - a place where you can share your views and struggles. It is the platform for you to share your voice and tell your story. 

CANTA is not for the UCSA. 

CANTA is for you, by you.

I am currently writing a proposal to your student exec in order to fight for CANTA’s independence but I need your help. As CANTA is your magazine I need your support in making CANTA editorially independent. 

Please sign and share this petition to ensure CANTA represents the voice of the student body of UC - not the UCSA.

CANTA should be a magazine that investigates the issues you care about.

Thanks so much,

Sam <3