Safety Net policy, to ensure no disadvantage for UCLAN Students during COVID19

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*This petition is modelled from similar petitions by other universities*

We are calling for the University of Central Lancashire to follow the approach of other universities, such as Exeter and Southampton, where they have implemented a no detriment policy.

Exeter’s policy states “given the exceptional circumstances in which you are sitting these examinations and other assessments, we have decided to introduce a ‘safety net’ policy.

This ‘no-detriment’ approach is as follows: so long as you would qualify to progress/graduate based on your marks obtained this year (including those in the summer assessment period), then we will ensure that your final academic year average is the same as, or higher than, the average you have attained up to Sunday 15th March.

If you achieve higher marks in assessments submitted and examinations undertaken after Sunday 15th March then you will be able to raise your mark for the year.

To repeat as long as you qualify to pass the year, completing the summer assessments can only help not hinder you because we will not let the extraordinary circumstances in which you are completing these assessments leave you with a mark below your current overall mark.”


We believe this is a fair response to the situation we find ourselves in. Despite the country almost being in lockdown and GCSE and A-Level exams being cancelled, all that Uclan students have received is a five working day extension on all deadlines. While the five working day extension is appreciated, we do not believe that this is enough. Classes have moved online, which despite the hard work of the university and lecturers, the same standard of teaching is just not possible, with some lectures not even taking place online anymore. Due to the library being closed, the university has put measures in place for those without an internet connection or a laptop. However, many students used the library because they do not have a quiet study place that allows them to perform to the best of their ability. Although many resources are available online, the closure of the library means some essential resources are no longer available. We are a diverse community of students with differing backgrounds. Some students are international and have had to fly back home, some students are living and caring for high-risk family members, some students are part-time key workers but have had to increase their working hours to help the country in a time of need, some students have young siblings or children they now have to look after and some students have mental health issues that are heightened by staying indoors alone.


A no detriment policy would ensure that students’ hard work in their university lifetime is not negatively affected by COVID-19. The majority of students want to perform well in upcoming assignments but are faced with difficult circumstances. A no detriment policy would help to ease the stress university students are under, by knowing they will not be negatively affected by COVID-19. The government have stated that things will only get worse before they get better.


Please sign this petition if you agree with the above.

We hope that if this receives a substantial number of signatures, the University of Central Lancashire will take the time to strongly consider implementing a no detriment policy.

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