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Require companies to give summer interns until at least November 15 to respond to a full-time offer

The UCLA Career Center set their recruitment policies for the 2013-2014 school year to allow companies to give “summer conversion” interns as little as 2 weeks to accept or decline an offer. After speaking to some company recruiters, the Career Center issued a statement on September 10th, stating that full-time offers for interns must be available until November 1st.


While November 1st is an improvement, it is still poses a significant problem for students entering their final year at UCLA. Summer interns who will be graduating in June 2014 normally receive an offer from their employers at the end of their internship, in early September. Because November 1st is only 9 days after the Engineering and Technical Career Fair and 15 days after the Bruin Career Connections Fair, it is not an adequate amount of time to complete the interview process for any full-time position. Therefore, students may be forced into making a rushed decision without the chance to fully explore the opportunities that other companies might have to offer.


We propose that the career center sets a policy for companies to give summer interns until November 15 to respond to a full-time offer. This date is 4 weeks from the Bruin Career Connections Fair and 3 weeks from the Engineering and Technical Career Fair. This timeline would give students enough time to attend these career fairs and other information sessions, interview with companies, and make a decision, should they be given an offer.


By signing this petition, you will bring attention to this issue and help students get the time that they need and deserve to make the best possible decision for their future after graduation.

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