UCL should refund traveling expenses for finals

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UCL's final exams, this year, are going to be held at the ExCel situated in zone 3, therefore the students are going to find themselves commuting for every exam. The distance from UCL is 1 hour by tube and 1 hour and 40 minutes by bus. In both cases, the commute is going to take away a good portion of every student's day that should be spent in revision for the following exams. Also, in most scenarios, the students are going to travel during peak times meaning that the price of the tube is going to be 3.30 £ per ride. Many people have as many as 7-8 exams for a maximum price of around 50 £ in travel expenses during the exam period. Finally, by engaging themselves in the use of public transport for such a long duration, the students expose themselves to potential delays that could have an effect on their exams. As the exams' organization costs are supposed to be included in the students' tuitions, we ask for UCL to refund travel expenses that will enable the students to sit the exam.