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I support the rent strike! UCL, Pay compensation to the students at Campbell House who have suffered and had their revision ruined because of UCL's demolition work!

Support the Rent Strike!

Why are we on rent strike?

Demolition work, drilling and related traffic is causing the following problems at Campbell House:

- Students are suffering from insomnia, making studying during the day, and physically sitting an exam an extremely difficult task; risking all our degrees.

- This is seriously impacting student living experience, meaning when we want to relax after a day’s study we cannot do so. Students, for example, had to go outside their room to make a phone call

-  It is impossible to study in our rooms which is something which needs to be possible during exam time; especially as all the alternative library/study spaces are ineffective

- Several students had no choice but to go home to study during Easter, to avoid the deafening noises, consequently incurring extreme travel costs, and that they are paying for a room they are not staying in. These students complained and had no response.

- There is evidence of noise reaching the level of 90 decibels within a student’s room, which is equivalent to a motorway. There has also been vermin – mice and rats – found within our halls, which is unacceptable.

- Desks, chairs and mirrors shaking as a consequence of the demolition work.

- Work has started before 8 am, conflicting with Camden Counsel Laws.


- Last year’s residents paid £9 less a week than us, and they did not have to deal with these living conditions.

- We were told there was going to be construction work, not demolition work. While the fact that when we offered our accommodation place we were told that we even accept the offer – with the condition that there will be construction work – or we have to find accommodation individually.

- There has also been vermin – mice and rats – found within our halls, which is in itself unacceptable.

We are withholding rent payments until these demands are met:

- Demolition work to stop until end of third term

- Compensation is paid for each resident, in the monetary value of the whole of the rent for third term (as this is the time period the demolition work began, and will continue until)

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