UCL History of Art BA Dissertation Extension

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The recent strike action at UCL has caused a great amount of disruption especially among final year BA students attempting to complete their dissertations and other such assignments. Despite the promise that tutors would respond to emails on non-strike days , this was often not the case. The large number of emails our tutors were receiving perhaps made it impossible for them to reply in due time to our concerns at a particular time. Thus, all previous issues are being addressed now , at a much later date. Besides this, most of the deadlines for other assignments have been pushed back by departments other than our own. This was done by default and was not solicited by the student body. As students were not able to receive feedback from other previous assignments due to the strike action, they are hesitant to begin the following ones. Finally, the department has instructed us that we are entitled to 3 hours during which we are able to consult our advisors. Most of us have only been able to have one hour or perhaps even less of that time. This is due to the fact that not all of the History of Art staff are on a permanent contract and are only on campus during specific days , most of which were missed due to the strike. Similarly, it was significantly harder to arrange such meetings even before the strike due to the fact that our timetables and those of the tutors' would often clash. For this I am urging the History of Art department and the exam board at UCL to consider an extension of at least two weeks for our dissertation. The disruptions I have enumerated above have caused severe distress among students and we feel that additional time would ease the process of completing everything. I stress the fact that other departments have been riven dissertation extensions and we consider that we should be entitled to the same.