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Support the UCTC Phone Ban

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There is a student-led petition seeking to repeal the UCTC phone ban so I decided to create a counter petition to gauge if the ban has the support of the parents of children at UCTC.  If it does, then this petition will show support for the school and their position: if not, then it will provide the students' petition with a platform to show that parents do not subscribe to it. 

Aside from research which shows mobile phones impacting learning - - I know my own son and his classmates used their phones in UCTC when they shouldn't to listen to music, take photos and access social media, which certainly affected his learning. 

School is first and foremost to deliver education to our children. They have free time before and after school, weekends and school holidays where they can check social media, but for 6 hours a day we expect our children to be taught well.  Indeed, it is the school who are held to account if they are not!  Removing the distraction of mobile devices seems an entirely reasonable proposal to allow the teachers to do this more effectively and a clear solution with no grey areas seems fairest so no students are caught out by misunderstanding the rules. 

One argument has been raised as the need to get in touch in case of emergency.  If this was the case then the school would need to know anyway and wouldn't necessarily let a student leave without confirmation of the emergency. It would be far more efficient to go through the school office.

Another argument has been the potential anxiety that teenagers could suffer if separated from their phones. With each device having an off switch, and access to secure lockers, there are ways of keeping their phones safe without them being used. 

Please sign this petition if you support the proposed ban on mobile phones in UCTC. 

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