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Stop the UCTC Phone Ban.

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Currently in UCTC, you can’t have your phone out in lesson. I can understand this, as lesson is learning time and phone can distract you from the lesson. As you have probably heard, next September the school will be enforcing a phone ban. This means that In break and lunch time, any phone seen will be confiscated, which is completely unjustified. Break and Lunch time is not learning time. It time to eat and socialise. It is our time. Their only reason for this ban is a poor and under developed one. They used an article in the guardian for reasoning. The article says that if schools ban phones, we would have 6 more school days. They say that this would benefit our grades, what’s 12 more days going to change about our grades. Their Reasons are ludicrous. Furthermore, the article has it facts wrong, multiple articles such as ones from the telegraph say that only a 1/3 of schools ban phone when the guardian lies 98% of schools ban them. More evidence against the ban is:


A new study found that students are now so addicted to their mobiles that removing them causes high enough levels of anxiety to impact learning and possibly grades.

They found that students who had their phone removed before the task scored on average 17 per cent points lower on working memory than those who were allowed to hold on to their phones, even if they just kept the phone in their pocket

“A blanket restriction on smartphones in school is likely to be more harmful than beneficial, because smartphone separation triggers anxiety that, in turn, adversely affects students’ cognitive functioning. Moreover, a long period of smartphone separation may induce even greater desire to use it and engender emotional problems and poorer cognitive regulation, all of which would lower the quality of classroom learning.” - First author Andree Hartanto, of the Singapore Management University in Singapore.


Enough Evidence?

The phone ban is ludicrous and will not affect our grade in any way, therefore it’s not needed in our school.

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