Demand the UCI Evaluate the Evidence on Sex Differences in Sport

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This week a new world record was set on the track in the F35-39 category by a born male. This person proceeded to win, for the second year in a row, the age-group (masters) world championship in the female category, despite the fact this person was born male, experienced male puberty (and the physiological benefits that confers relative to females for cycling), and--as the latest science suggests--continues to be advantaged by male physiology, ranging from lung capacity to muscle memory and skeletal structure--none of which have been shown to be reversed by hormones or 'sex-reassignment surgery'. 

We demand that the UCI assess the state of the science and recognize that sports are properly separated by sex not gender. Sports may (or may not) be a human right, but participation in the female category of sport is not. The female sports category is purposely exclusionary of male persons based on objective, observable biological differences relevant for cycling, not on feelings, presentation, or subjective identification. 

We demand that the UCI properly respect female participants and the exclusionary rationale of the female category and assess the science, which shows that male advantages are maintained post-transition.