Reform UC Irvine Emergency Notification Protocols

Reform UC Irvine Emergency Notification Protocols

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Brandon White / Alexander Graboyes started this petition to Chancellor Howard Gillman and

This petition seeks to make information on threats made to the life and wellbeing of the UC Irvine community more accessible. This means (1) Not containing notifications of potential threats to one school; and (2) Making all UCI community members, such as family members and partners, able to receive ZotALERTs on their phones and via email. 

This petition will be delivered to the UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman and all relevant UC Irvine Public Safety officials.

(1) Let the Entire Campus Community Know of Potential Threats 

On the night of November 4th, 2018, the UCI Law community was alerted to the presence of an alleged violent threat made by a student on social media. The UCI Law administration released a statement at 11:27PM alerting all UCI Law students to the presence of this threat, and steps that the administration was taking to protect its students. 

The great UCI community, however, was not made aware of this incident in an official capacity until 1:30PM on Monday, November 5th, 2018. Over 14 hours elapsed before students in other schools were made aware of the issue. This included the students at the UCI Paul Merage School Of Business and the UCI School of Education, both of which share facilities with the law school. 

Threats to the UCI community need to be taken seriously. The 2014 Isla Vista massacre at UCSB have shown us all the necessity for information sharing and quick action when student, faculty, and community lives are threatened. Students that share facilities and a campus with other programs need to share with one another when these threats occur. This will allow students to make prudent decisions on whether to attend class and take further action. 

This petition, therefore, calls upon the UCI Public Safety Office and the broader campus administration to consider broader information sharing in the event of threats made to community life and wellbeing. 

(2) Make ZotALERTs Available to the Entire UCI Community 

After two separate and unrelated incidents of firearms being used to threaten the students on and around the UC Irvine campus within a month, it’s time to be better prepared and more comprehensive.

To quote the official UC Irvine ZotALERT webpage, "ZotALERT is an emergency alert system that uses cell phone text messaging to quickly notify the UCI community with safety information." ( 

As it stands, the current ZotALERT system is the first line of defense for UCI students and faculty. The ZotALERT system is also only available to the students and faculty currently enrolled in on-campus programs and classes. As you can see, the community at large is not represented in the current ZotAlert system. Non-students who live or work near, or on campus (Family and partners in graduate housing, canvassers on campus, visitors, potential transfers and the like), are not currently allowed to sign up for ZotALERTs.

In the event of similar issues, or any future problems that may arise, any person who lives or works in-or-around the UCI campus should be privy to any and all ZotALERTs that pertain to general public health and safety.

This change will not only create a safer campus environment, but also a feeling of security for persons not currently able to be aware of important and breaking news around our homes.

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